Desi bhabhi shows the room service boy.

You can bet my ass, this was one nervous desi bhabhi, the day my hubby and I booked into the hotel room. I never had ever imagined in my wildest dream that my hubby would one day ask me to do such a thing…desi wives don’t do this. Do they?

So there we were in the hotel room, my hubby already with his pants down, lying on the bed,his cock already hard and erect in anticapation of his desi wife showing herself off to the room service boy.

Fuck…I was nervous…but strangely, I was excited. I slipped into an outfit which was extremely revealing, not the nighty that my hubby had brought me, I did not have the guts to wear that in front of a stranger.

I put on my make up as my hubby watched his hot desi wife and vigorously shook his throbbing, hard, erect lund. I smiled at him. He smiled back hornily.

By the time I got ready, it was around 10.40 in the night. My hubby reached for the phone and gave it to me. Nervously, this horny desi bhabhi picked up the phone. My voice shaking, I asked..

“Room service?”

“Yes Madam. How can I help you?”

“Could you please send up two plates of chicken biryani to my room?” I said.

“Yes Madam. Anything else?” The man asked this desi wife.

“No. Thank you” I said and put the receiver down.

“Oh fuck baby I am so horny. Suck my lund.” My hubby said. I started to go down on my hubby as he fingered my hot desi wife pussy.

Then, the bell rang. I jumped up in surprise and nervousness. I looked at my hubby.

“Tie for the show.” He said, laughing as he covered his wet and erect lund and pretended to be fast asleep. This was one nervous desi bhabhi who got up from that bed, straightened my extremely revealing outfit, went to the door and opened up, for oom service. This is what I was wearing when I opened the door for the room service guy…


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